Steampunk — wedding cakes

Pop culture representations around the genre of steampunk (and often where it can fuse with cyberpunk, sci-fi/fantasy) will come up in this journal, as it’s a fun aesthetic with which to work. Octopoe Webonaut’s exploration of steampunk will merely try to record some images and comments around how the idea of steampunk gets carried out in our media, art and consumer lifestyle.

Which presents us with some images of steampunk wedding cakes! I wonder how they tasted? They could easily be any old sort of cake, not specifically a wedding cake, which is something I appreciate about them as well. (A non-wedding cake could have two little robots on top doing something… which is up to our imaginations!)

  • Tall, ubiquitous steampunk cake featured on many blogs/sites.
  • A delightful, smaller cake.
  • Another lovely little cake.
  • Same cake as #1, but scroll down for the bridge/groom robots.
  • Handsome robot groom & blushing robot bride on elegant cake.
  • Gear cakes!, from this lady’s wedding.
  • Another robot topper.
  • And the one that takes the cakes, Cake Wrecks’ compilation. (Scroll down for the amazing cephalopod shaped caked!)