About Octopoe

This is a foray into exploring one writer’s personal voyage with the craft, allowing a slight exposure to that great empty void: the interweb. (And of course, a subtle test of all this new media technology.) It will morphe, split and ooze around themes and interests like the literary web amoeba it’s intended to be, although the general interests include such specific topics as language, travel, history and art, with a few sprinkles of politics, science fiction, and other oddities.

The general category covers posts which have so far been about timely topics, as they have sprung up throughout the course of experience. New posts may go into this category until a separate space has been made in an existing or new category for it.

Poe are intended to be pieces of visual,  literary, or auditory muses that kindle a written response. Check out the current collection of poe in the poe category.

The Travelogue will house articles and material related to all things travel and tourism on Octopoe. Similar in function if not in theme, l’octopoe francophone will store posts relating to French language and culture.

So far, Mr. Jarrod A. is the only webonaut on this voyage, but he is hoping to be enjoyed by other writers and webfarers out there who would like to jump aboard as they come to Octopoe. You’re more than welcome to ping questions out anytime: octopoe@gmail.com.

Safe travels, be seeing you!

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