l’octopoe francophone

Having become preoccupied with language in the past few years, I have been reflecting a lot on my own experience with two languages I speak: English (not the Queen’s standard, but the American patois), and French. The preoccupation originates with having become an ESL* teacher, a disseminator of what has become a dominant and much sought-after global language. I obviously consider its role, and my own place in that structure that propagates the role of English. Becoming a teacher, and therefore a student, of this language, my general interest in languages and their histories in general has also been provoked. Trying to be a conscious radiator of English, I feel it is important to also actively study other languages, and build my own context and experience with this area in general.

In that aim, re-engaging with French (my first second language) is a high priority. On Octopoe, l’octopoe francophone will present articles on French language topics, French history and culture, contemporary and historical Franco-American ties, et cetera. The hope is to develop a narrative on l’octopoe francophone featuring articles in English and French, with some translations where appropriate (and in fact possible). Some of the entries to this category will be cross-listed with other categories, also where appropriate.

Please feel free to check out l’octopoe francophone on Octopoe.

If you have anything to share on French language, culture, history, cuisine or whatever comes to your mind, and would like to submit a written response to l’octopoe francophone, please check out the submissions page. Material in either French or English is welcome of course.

*English as a Second Language. In other contexts it is called EFL, English as a Foreign Language. Some academic or vocational programs are labeled as TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which is overall pretty inclusive.

Le catelogue de  l’octopoe francophone:

  1. November 28, 2009: [Poe] Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky
  2. December 11, 2009: [Poe] Jacques Prévert, Déjeuner du matin (Paroles)
  3. Who speaks French in this world? (coming soon!)
  4. [Travelogue] Laos, where are you? (coming soon!)

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